slowthai – Tyron review

Those who haunt social media cooking meals to show how lazy people on benefits are will probably say he had it coming; to them anyone who calls their debut album There’s Nothing Great About Britain, appears at an awards ceremony carrying an effigy of Boris Johnson’s severed head or refers to the Queen as a c*** is fair game in the all-out cyber war they lead to silence any last vestiges of free expression.

Predictably the attention detracted from both his story and his music – both of which sometimes were as chaotic as each other – but a meteoric rise from street rhyming in Northampton to sharing a table with the music industry’s elite was reason enough to mark slowthai out.

Tyron addresses the white knuckle ride, mental health struggles, being a hostage to the moral majority and the ugly fall out from a disastrous NME awards appearance, amongst many things. Imperfectly (What else) split into two, the opening part finds a defiant artist upping both their game and their company, with Skepta and A$AP Rocky stepping in for the blistering CANCELLED and MAZZA respectively. The later parallel dimension finds a man reflecting on the collateral damage of a life lived, the gentle acoustic backwash of push and closer ADHD revealing the sort of vulnerability not usually shared in a rap battleground where the next big thing is always waiting hungrily for any sign of weakness.

None of this will appease his faceless enemies, who live in a world where musicians are both exploitative billionaires and simultaneously weak minded slackers. But Tyron proves his rise was no parade of gimmicks or luck – and that courage isn’t something he lacks.

You can read the full review here.


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