Blanck Mass – In Fernaux review

One of the most popular salutations by email these days is where the sender hopes they find you well. It’s a conversational gambit for the times, of course, but equally how most people could answer with honesty would be a next to impossible feat of self assessment.

As Blanck Mass Benjamin John Power has always explored and manipulated sonics as an attempt to bend our minds towards his; a kindred spirit of acts such as Fuck Buttons, his last album Animated Violence, Mild railed against consumerism and it’s wrecking by stealth of our consciences.

In Fernaux takes things much further, way further out than that. A concept album of sorts consisting of two lengthy soundscapes, on it he employs drones, blasts of white noise, ambient textures and musique concrète to create something wholly centered on how sound affects our mental equilibrium, post-music for the post-pandemic world. It might find you well – or it might find you in a place you never knew even existed before it.

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