Blanck Mass – Animated Violence, Mild review

The best part about being sat on the outside is the gift of being able to see what’s inside the bubble: as Blanck Mass Benjamin John Power has been able to twist the permeable boundary which exists at the edge of the straight and weird worlds as he’s pleased.

Animated Violence, Mild’s cover art won’t win him many awards but the message is a simple one, that man as a species has been fatally seduced by consumerism, but the vehicles he chooses to emphasise that are both subtle and willfully deformed.

This is a place where the intense, black metal meets industrial scree of Death Drop can live beside the beautiful harp laden Creature/West Fuqua, a conscious attempt at disorientation which illustrates the dichotomy of living in the me society. Not everything works, but then again, that’s almost certainly all part of the intended ride.

You can read the full review here.

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