Teenage Fanclub – Endless Arcade review

Teenage Fanclub have always been the nicest, most charming no compromise bands in the history of modern rock. Take for instance the much fan lamented departure of Gerard Love almost three years ago: officially according to a statement the split was due to an “unresolvable difference of opinion” over touring, yet Love himself has seemed a little more sketchy on the detail since.

That said, the band’s remaining principals Norman Blake and Raymond McGinley have continued on, joined by Love’s replacement Dave McGowan (Who just for symmetry has restarted working with him on his Lightships project) and Euros Childs, trailing Endless Arcade with the downbeat single Everything’s Falling Apart, a song which despite appearances was McGinley’s way of telling us all to keep calm and carry on.

Blake’s contributions are mostly the byproduct of a rare, candidly unwrapped glimpse into his life following the end of a long term relationship, but musically although Childs’ lovely keys bring much to the table, the formula is broadly unchanged. Seemingly unphased, the pair act as foils pretty much as you’d expect long term mates in a thirty year old band would do and by the time I’m More Inclined comes around, Blake appears to be back on a happier path. To absent friends? Maybe, maybe not. But Endless Arcade is proof that life goes on, whoever you’re sharing it with.

You can read the full review here.

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