Field Music – Flat White Moon review

It’s become more common to discuss the relative poverty of musicians over the last 12 months, marooned as they are on an island where live performance at home and abroad has been denied to them. For the Brewis brothers Peter and David – the kernel of Sunderland-based Field Music – this isn’t an unfamiliar topic, however, as their politically conscious and hard to pin down music has won them many friends, but as yet their bank manager isn’t one of them.

Following on from 2018’s Brexit-informed Open Here and the less assured concept album which followed Making A New World, the brothers have used strands both positive and negative from recent life to fashion some of their most assured material yet. Flat White Moon draws on dealing with isolation, grief and emotional burnout amongst other matters, but musically the band are revived, alive to the influence of classic rock and coupling it with elements of new wave, jazz and soul.

As before, despite the some of the awkward reading juxtapositions, the duo have us in good hands. Out of place a little is the flutey haze of opener Orion From The Street, but Not When You’re In Love, Beatles influenced In This City and Laurel Canyon echoing The Curtained Room all seem like roads to somewhere new. Whether any of them are paved with gold remains to be seen.

You can read a full review here.


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