Lovejoy – Are You Alright? EP review

If in doubt, diversify. Many born on the internet stars eventually find a ceiling for their audience in the non-mainstream entertainment world, so if it’s subverting the rules of boxing or turning your clickable personality into TV gameshow bucks, the ladder between app store and global syndication seems to have fewer rungs all the time.

Will/Wilbur Soot’s past goes foggily back to almost the point where phones first shot video, but streaming on platforms like Twitch has made him the sort of household name those in it glued to their devices might be familiar with. Are You Alright? is his first EP featuring with/as Lovejoy, has a nano attention span friendly duration of around twelve minutes and each of it’s four tracks deal with seperate aspects of IRL (Or maybe not) relationships, specifically of the toxic variety.

Musically anyone with a vivid recollection of the worthier end of mid-noughties indie (early Maccabees, Good Shoes, Art Brut) will be right at home here, although closer Cause for Concern dabbles in moody post-punk. Lyrically Soot fills these brief shots from the hip swearily with jealous lovers, infidelity and uncertain futures, although it’s hard to get drawn in when the subjects come and go so quickly. If he had a day job to give up you might say don’t bother quitting yet, but the new rules of fame and fortune mean paying your dues is strictly now the twentieth century’s problem.