100 Greatest Tracks of the 90’s #56 Hole – Violet


You join Violet at that moment, the split second as the Roller coaster car has reached the very top of the climb and your mind and body is in a state of karmic acceptance; there is nothing you can do to halt this now even if you wanted to, so you might as well consign worrying about the worry, like your physical self, into the hands of fate.

Then it’s over the edge we go, as within a few impatient strums Courtney Love has kicked off the brakes and begun smashing skulls courtesy of raging power chords and a voice like a banshee, howling at some act of betrayal or madness. The opener to Hole’s second album Live Through This, this roundhouse brazenly funneled the anarchic feminism of the Riot grrrl scene she’d originally gravitated to, even if by then what had become known as grunge was a check shirted franchise now inverted against it’s original values.

The specifics? Amongst the raucous din Love told the aggressor to take everything and then get out, the solicited hate and hurt tagging a line somewhere between what was real and fiction. Supposedly the dramatis personae were Love herself and ex-boyfriend Billy Corgan. The misanthropy came at a price she later claimed, because ‘I’m a witch’ a crown of thorns she was forced to wear for years anyway, this time as penance for other people’s sins as well as her own.


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