FEET – Walking Machine EP review

“Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention” once sang Sid Vicious, although how many and whether what he’d done to cause them was worthwhile is probably up for debate. Like guilt, regret is a largely worthless feeling, as FEET have come to realise over the last 18 months: signed with a big-hitting management company, they were directed to start work on their first album What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham having only just recruited a drummer and short on finalised material. Against the odds when it was good it was very good, but after the suits demanded one gimmick too many, the quartet found themselves newly single again.

Not that this was a bad thing. Sharing a flat under pandemic conditions meant that they were able to see the whites of each other’s eyes when kicking round ideas and better still, they were able production-wise to become more self sufficient. Walking Machines therefore is a band a little older and a lot wiser. Tapering some of the wilder edges found on their debut, they still manage to work some distinction out of an indie rock genre on the likes of Peace And Quiet and the tongue-in-cheek Arena, but it’s the hustling energy of Busy Waiting that more than whets the appetite for what’s next from FEET, now that they’ve been planted firmly back on the ground.

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