Bonobo – Fragments review

Whatever it happens to be called, music that makes human beings dance is best experienced heard from trigger points which are primal. More than most, it’s communal sense of hedonism was undermined by the events of the last two years, the warehouses and fields where it was mass consumed empty of noise, people and energy.

For Simon Green, AKA Bonobo, the thought processes a global shutdown of live performance stirred were as fundamental as whether or not his was a career which remained viable, despite success which has seen a top five spot for last album Migrations and sold out gigs at venues as big as London’s Alexandra Palace.

Fragments answers these and any other doubts emphatically. Whilst collaborations have become standard practice in this field, Green’s choices and their end products are typically inspired, from Miguel Atwood-Ferguson’s string arrangements to Otomo, which is spectacularly galvanised by next-generation producer O’Flynn. Finally, a summer field, dawn, drifting and sunsets beckon again.

You can read a full review here.


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