Babeheaven – Sink Into Me review

What feels like a million years ago the term “bedroom” was a semi-derogatory one for musicians, applied to those who supposedly spent more time looking into a mirror than the eyes of a real audience. That was all before solitude and isolation became a necessity for most a couple of years ago.

Babeheaven – Londoners and lifelong friends, Nancy Andersen (vocals/lyrics) and Jamie Travis (instruments and production) – wrote, recorded and released their well received debut Home For Now in the grip of lockdown, but says the latter they now have ambitions way beyond that: “It was a conscious decision to move away from being a trip-hop bedroom-pop band”.

Sink Into Me is redolent of the early 21st century chill out era sounds of Morcheeba, Zero 7 and Air, with Andersen’s voice gently guiding listeners through some deftly rebooted Balearic vibes. At it’s very best – opener Heartbeat, jazzy skip The Hours and the simply beautiful Make Me Wanna – it’s easy to conclude that this is an album that might take Babeheaven from small bedrooms to big stages at some point soon.

You can read a full review here.

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