Confidence Man – Tilt review

For Confidence Man’s Janet Planet, it’s more than just a band name. Tilt opens with Woman, on which the never bashful singer sets forward a manifesto for life: ‘This is my house/The house that I built with my own two hands/And if I so desire, I will burn it down.’

Nothing’s going up in flames however, as the heat you can feel is coming straight off of shiny happy people on the dance floor. Unashamedly pop, the Australians pitch themselves firmly in the nineties club classics era, but aren’t afraid of sprinkling a little well observed cheese on top. These hedonistic grooves are typified by What I Like, on which Planet’s Dyonisiac foil Sugar Bones out Daphne’s Celeste with the Insta ready ‘Living life on the wild side just like a bear/We’re alive – we’re just animals with beautiful hair’.

Serious? No. But serious fun. From the ravey vibes of Holiday, Break It Bought It’s Vogue resplendent house to closer Relieve The Pressure’s blissed out carnival vibes, Tilt is a party in a box that knows what it is and does what it does with no hangups. It’s the soundtrack to Janet Planet’s world – and we’re all just glad to be living in it.

Read the full review here.


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