Wet Leg – Wet Leg review

By the end of 2021 you had to have been living in outer space not to have heard Chaise Longue, Wet Leg’s Jaffa Cake levels of addictive debut single. Written as an in joke during late night jam sessions, the latent charms of it’s coquettish take on male dominated indie guitar rock spread by word of mouth last summer, duly making former Isle of Wight schoolmates Rhian Teasdale and Hesther Chambers hot property.

To avoid being trapped by one of your own songs is a risk-laden journey for any group in the nano-attention span age; if the rest of your material strays too far it seems like a fluke, not far away enough and they reckon you’ve only got one idea. The steady flow of new tracks released in the seemingly endless run up to Wet Leg‘s arrival have at times tried to push that envelope, but by any assessment, when heard in full this is a cleverly assembled record.

It works so well for many reasons, not least of which being that the pair know their strengths – Teasdale’s playful bark, keeping a staunchly female perspective, some hard snapping one liners -with the nonsense wang of Oh No as out there as things get. There’s a real bravery to saying ‘this is us’ and on the likes of Wet Dream, I Don’t Wanna Go Out and the freak out closer Too Late Now Wet Leg are simply asking to be judged on what they sing and play. Most tellingly, Chaise Longue’s inclusion now feels like a glance into the band’s rear view mirror.

You can read a full review here.


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