Interpol – The Other Side of Make-Believe review

The world throws up unlikely paradoxes all the time, but Interpol making an uplifting lockdown album? The Interpol?

Being well, Interpol, The Other Side of Make-Believe is neither a hands-in-the-air collection of bangers or strictly a lockdown album, but anybody familiar with their work could probably have guessed that. Writing seperately for obvious reasons, Paul Banks, Sam Fogarino and Daniel Kessler each went through a process of guessing how the near to finished music on it could sound from demos, before then finishing off work with veteran producers Flood and Alan Mulder.

Dialling back on some of their archetypal pomp and accepting nuance into their lives was always going to mean the result is a journey rather than a destination. Opener Toni however is a game stab at this new epic, whilst Fables delivers oblique take on the classic hip-hop of which Banks is such a fan and Mr. Credit is a worthy outlet for Kessler’s honed kick-assery. Elsewhere The Other Side of Make-Believe sometimes falls into the cracks between the old and new versions of themselves, but seeing if you can spot the joins is half the fun.

You can read a full review here.


  1. Another fine review both here and on live4ever, Andy. While not a massive Interpol fan, I really like Paul Banks’ distinctive voice, and have enjoyed quite a few of their previous works. Now listening to ‘The Other Side of Make-Believe’, and liking what I hear.


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