Pit Pony – World To Me review

Maybe it was being stuck at home with not much else to mull over, but it’s hard to deny that anger especially just feels like a different emotion now when compared to the rosy glow of 2019. Pit Pony are a quintet from Britain’s north east, an area with it’s share of post-industrial strife to be disaffected about, but their debut album World To Me doesn’t concern itself much with revolution on the grand scale, rather the constant drip-drip-drip of the bad news cycle.

It’s effects are dealt with head on via Tide of Doubt, singer Jackie Purver opening it up with “I get to thinking/I get to overthinking/And soon I’m slipping off the rails.” In these circumstances help can also come from letting the noise do the heavy lifting, and both this and Black Tar are doused in a glorious punk thrash whose pit is more mosh than of despair.

Female voice punk antecedents are sadly uncommon, but Purver is stoically resolute and unapologetic about touching on issues such as motherhood (See Me Be) and failing relationships (Supermarket) before then coming back round to slice through the bozo-fest that is the country’s ruling elite (Profit). Anger is a very different energy these days, but on World To Me Pit Pony still show that they know what we want, and they know how to get it.

You can read a full review here.

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