Beach Bunny – Emotional Creature review

You’ll find plenty of people out there on the internet who will tell you that TikTok is ruining music – search engines are your friend here – but as in most games, there are winners and losers, and Beach Bunny are in the former category. Started in 2015 by Lili Trifilio as a solo project, by 2020 the lineup had expanded to a four piece and Prom Queen – a track first released two years previously – became a viral hit on the platform.

Fame, fortune (possibly) and all that stuff followed, with a slot at Lollapalooza, praise from the likes of Butch Vig and legions of followers across the socials. The band’s debut album Honeymoon helped cement the adoration, but it’s follow up Emotional Creature was largely written by Trifilio during lockdown whilst back living at her parents house.

Despite or because of this it’s a record which has just enough lyrical resonance to feel sincere but the 90’s-descended bedroom punk vibe will carry the day at a festival near you. Of these rockers Oxygen, Fire Escape and the opener Entropy are kings, but it’s with Scream that the whole thing really pulls together, a introspective pitch that underlines Beach Bunny are now hunting their audience from all points of the Venn diagram.

You can read a full review here.

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