77:78 – Jellies Review

With The Bees on a very long hiatus since their 2010 release Every Step’s A Yes, members Aaron Fletcher and Tim Parkin have been telling everyone they’re “Chomping at the bit” to get their debut as 77:78 put in front of our ears.

Jellies may have taken four years to record but it could’ve been released at any point during the last fourty, such is it’s evident pedigree of retro-fab and sun worshipping psychedelia. Only on closer Wagons do they go full on Soho ’67, but before that the pair – obviously having the time of their lives – spin up a heady brew of soulful boffinery.

At it’s best – the puckish Shepherd’s Song the Papers’ locked in and languid groove – this is the sound of history being tickled devilishly on the chin. It could all have gone so Kula Shaker, but thankfully Jellies is plenty here for a good time – and a long one.

You can read the full review here.


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