Kyle Falconer – No, Thank You review

There are plenty of ways to gauge whether or not you’ve hit rock bottom. Some of them are more nuanced than others, but getting arrested after an air rage incident and then copping for a £25,000 fine as a result would stand out as a cautionary tale for almost anyone, even a figure with as chequered personal history as Kyle Falconer.

As lead guitarist, singer and general provocateur in The View the Dundonian enjoyed a brief but stratospheric ascent into the nation’s hearts with the quartet’s number 1 debut Hats Off To The Buskers, but both he and they have since seemed unwilling or unable to flip their roustabout punk into something made more for the decade which has no name.

This makes No, Thank You all the more satisfying and such a pleasant surprise. Turns out that despite all the bluff Falconer can write a decent pop tune when he needs to, a secret weapon that, in tandem with his angelically warm voice, makes for a solo venture of real maturity and charm.

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