The Fernweh – The Fernweh review

Their name a literal translation of the German expression for wanderlust, Liverpool based The Fernweh are a group who fit into few boxes; Jamie Backhouse, Ned Crowther and Austin Murphy are former collaborators with the likes of Candie Payne and The Zutons, but in this new guise their inspirations and vision are far more prosaic.

This eponymous debut album claims to be a study of England and Englishness and in the process they’ve created a remarkable debut album that spans the centuries musically, taking in mercurial rock, the folkish cant of Bert Jancsh and the psychedelic threads of Syd Barrett.

Not the first to grapple with the parallel subjects of identity and cause, The Fernweh prefer to playfully unravel these notion rather than confronting them head on. It’s a record every native of this island can enjoy.

You can read the full review here and then listen to The Fernweh here.




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