Maribou State – Kingdoms In Colour review

We may live in a smaller world, but it can still offer a thousand diverse perspectives. Hertfordshire-based writer/producers Chris Davids and Liam Ivory recorded their first album Portraits in a shed at the bottom of their garden; it’s follow-up however was created in places with a far more panoramic vista.

Portraits success – the duo have now clocked up more than 80 million streams – allowed them the opportunity to make Kingdoms In Colour from a collage of sounds, influences and samples jumbled from Africa to the Far East. It’s less consciously club orientated than it’s predecessor as well, with even their tribute to defunct London club Turnmills a banger-lite Eastern infusion.

This is very much the album’s thematic tone, one on which beaches are white, skies are big and the locals are friendly. If this means that at times pair sacrifice some urgency for sketching, then from their perspective, so be it. Travel broadens it seems more than just the mind.

You can read a full review here.

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