Tycho – Weather review

It’s taken Scott Hansen a very, very long time to scratch an itch: after almost 20 years building Tycho’s presence around the world – scoring a Grammy nomination in the process – there’s always something it’s cinematic ambience had been missing. On Weather he completes the picture by adding words.

The thought process went like this: ‘I wanted to finally fulfill what had been a vision of mine since the beginning: to incorporate the most organic instrument of all, the human voice’ – and by making the structural changes which that change implies’. What’s not mentioned is how important the choice of singer would be, but Hannah Cottrell (AKA Saint Sinner) proves to be an expert foil to Hansen’s vision.

Weather’s duration possibly speaks of a tentativeness to the project, with just 8 tracks at around half an hour in total. Any nerves however certainly aren’t felt in it’s execution, as Cottrell is revealed to be not just a mere guest but an integral part of a direction that on Japan and Skate nudges pleasantly at Air’s Moon Safari.

Time will tell if Weather is a diversion or the birth of something new, but for Scott Hansen it’s another chapter in a story which is becoming harder for the world to ignore.

You can read the full review here.


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