Tycho – Simulcast review

On 2019’s Weather Scott Hansen earned a Grammy nomination for taking his Tycho concept outside of the box: adding in the vocals of Hannah Cottrell to what had over four previous albums been a pool of voiceless, dreamy ambiance, the mainstream possibilities bubbled gently to the surface.

Weather though marked a taking stock rather than career sea change. Simulcast is companion piece to that, on which the producer deconstructs most of the material back into more familiar structures, the results of which are surprisingly mixed.

Where the originals didn’t need tweaking they wisely haven’t been, the host album’s title track and Easy both left alone, but other reimaginings are more radical, such as PCH, a more club ready version of Pink And Blue and Alright, the song formerly known as For How Long and one of the few to genuinely seem to grow with the makeover.

Hansen has spoke of taking greater control of his spiritual and physical well being in the face of an increasingly uncertain world, of which the impression is that Simulcast is part of an ongoing therapeutic process. It’s not without it’s moments, but despite the reversion to type it remains largely a pleasant distraction.

You can read the full review here.

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