100 Greatest Songs of the 2010’s #63 – Metronomy – The Look

Released : 2011

As we moved into the decade with no name in Britain the hubris of Up The Bracket and Whatever You Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not had long since evaporated. In the vacuum  a cluster of new outfits like Everything Everything, Django Django and Metronomy brought in a new aesthetica, one which fused the maverick energy of Nu Rave with studies in splintered funk and retro synth pop.

Their third album, The English Riviera announced Joe Mount’s band as something material after their wonky beginnings, a love letter to his childhood home town of Torbay in which the oddly sweet charachter sketches revealed a sleepier, less pit bulled Albion. The Look is the apex of this affectionate portraiture with it’s reedy, warbling Wurlitzer and Mount’s haunted words about a small town friendship in need of greater understanding.

This cultural peace has proved to be a brief one, which is all the more reason why it’s everyman sounds should be cherished be in the less smarter times of now.

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