100 Greatest Songs of the 2010’s #33 Everything Everything – My KZ, YR BF

Released : 2010

It’s easy to claim that there have been periods when music was more cerebral than it is now, a time for instance when Everything Everything were making polymath records that confected afro-beat, indie pop and r&b, when they sparred with the likes of Delphic, Metronomy and Django Django to see just whose cranium contained the most brainiac tune juice.

My KZ YR BF sort of disproves that theory by not caring about who can give Prof Brian Cox a run for his money on an MPC, a song which despite the verbal gymnastics and tongue twisted lexicon still sounds as remarkably cuckoo and brilliant as it did almost ten years ago.  And of course it scored bonus points for mentioning a Faraday Cage. Which is nice.