Super Furry Animals – Guerilla 20th Anniversary Edition review

For those of you not up with your SFA history, Guerilla was intended to be their hits album, a collection of songs written to soothe those post Brit-Pop comedowns and send them steamrollering up the charts.

In places – Northern Lites, Fire In My Heart – it was mission accomplished, but this was a band that had never really sat comfortably in the 90’s mainstream, tricks like hiding the pastoral brilliance of Citizen’s Band cheerful acts of self-sabotage.

Each of their album’s are being reissued in sequence with the sort of extra goodies that reveal their determination to not leave fans feeling short changed as they often are by similar projects.

It’s that additional material that really makes the whole thing feel refreshed here: aside from the usual demo takes, it’s somehow been forgoten that Gruff Rhys & co. were frustrated techno mavens – and in an era where the likes of Radiohead had fallen in love with the glitchly electronica of Autechre, tracks here Check It Out and DX Heaven show them how it’s done.

As we were all hiding behind the curtain waiting for the world to end on New Year’s Eve 1999, this provided the soundtrack to a bug that had the last laugh.

You can read the full review here.

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