ICYMI – Autumn 2019’s Lost & Found Releases

November & December are always very busy months, with best of’s running across all the music categories. During late Autumn some of the new releases which were covered in full on Live4Ever weren’t posted in summary here due to lack of time – what follows is a some introductory notes – you can dive into any of these at your leisure.

On Networker Omni move away from their roots in post-punk and spread their wings – you can read about it here. Into Franco-Welsh shoegaze, indie and noise pop? MNQNS have your back with Body Negative then: read about here.

When producer Dan Carey set up the Speedy Wunderground label five years ago he couldn’t have predicted that it would become one of the country’s most exciting places to nurture young talent. There annual compilations are reaching legendary status and their fourth edition, with contributions from amongst others black midiSquid and Black Country, New Road is an exciting grab bag of fresh talent. Read about it here.

On Amnioverse Stuart Howard – Lapalux – sacrifices some of the more esoteric concepts behind his previous album Ruinism foraying almost to the edge of mainstream whilst still making vital, sculpted electronica – read about it here.

A Winged Victory For The Sullen’s The Undivided Five is that rare thing – a neo-classical work that still manages to have a feeling of tempo and togetherness. Read it about here.

Finally, after half a decade away from the spotlight, Adam Bainbridge, AKA Kindness, returned with the elegant soul and house of Something Like A War, produced by the late Phillipe Zdar and featuring a series of collaborations with Robyn. Read about it here.

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