100 Greatest Songs of the 80’s #78 Finitribe – De Testimony

Released : 1986

Edinburgh isn’t regarded as one of the birthplaces of Acid House, the epicentre of which was down south. But Scots were key contributors to it, the so called “Raveheart” generation fed by some of it’s most prominent names in the KLF and The Shamen.

Like them, Finitribe (derived from “Finny Tribe”, a name given to a fish species by Irish religious sect the Rosicrucians), were former post punks who grew bored with the limitations of conventional instruments and began experimenting with early samplers.

Whilst The Shamen’s In Gorbachev We Trust straddled that boundary between indie and this brave new world, De Testimony predated it and was a tougher beast altogether, relying on a clanging church bell phrase and atonal vocals, splicing industrial clatter with techno phrasing before most even knew what it was, wherever they were.

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