100 Greatest Songs of the 90’s #19 The Shamen – Pro>gen ’91 (Move Any Mountain)

Released : 1991

In his book on dance culture Energy Flash Simon Reynolds devotes a section to what he describes as the spirituality of rave, an aspect which was largely overlooked at the time as press hysteria branded disco biscuits and happiness a crime against the state.

Thanks to the tomfoolery of Ebeneezer Goode The Shamen were latterly bracketed in with a wave of exploitative novelty dance tunes designed to shock Top of The Pops viewers. But unknown to most on their 1989 album In Gorbachev We Trust Colin Angus and Will Sinnott had pioneered the melding of psychedelic rock and acid house (Sample lyrics: “MDMA-amazing..we are together in ecstasy”.

Released originally as Pro-gen but then reappearing with it’s hookier chorus as the title, here was what Reynolds was talking about. Mr. C’s rap bathed everyone in positive vibes and empathy, sentiments which were tested to their limits when Sinnott died in a swimming accident. The beat went on however, their noise booming round cathedrals to dance and being gobbled up by wide-eyed pill grims everywhere.


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