100 Greatest Songs of the 90’s #72 St.Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Released : 1990

Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs had decided on St.Etienne’s first gift to coming down ravers, in the form of a cover version which took Neil Young’s original – written by the Canadian for Graham Nash in 1970 following his break up with Joni Mitchell – and retooled it with some Gallic cool and a recherche sense of 60’s innocence.

The bleary eyed were to be serenaded by Moira Lambert – Sarah Cracknell joined the duo later – whilst the shuffling break and child-like piano only added to the song’s dream-like quality. Half way through a giant sounding kick drum, maybe played by Asterix himself, came as a thunderclap to wake up the heavy lidded daysleepers, but most of them, seeing galloping white horses in the mind, slumbered on.


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