Beach House – Once Twice Melody review

A few years ago – before the release of 2015’s landmark Depression Cherry – you’d have argued that were some natural limitations to both the appeal and durability of Beach House’s dream pop. The duo’s fifth album nullified many of those arguments; it was the arguably the first time they’d nailed the art of melding both songs and atmospheres into a vibrant whole and if it lacked some of the immediacy of prior outings, well a cynic might ask who listening was straight of mind enough to care.

It certainly didn’t lessen their appeal, as whilst Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally have spent three years following up their last outing 7 , the wholly self produced and home recorded beast that is Once Twice Melody is a sprawling riposte to anyone who doubted their potential for subtle progression whilst keeping their large core audience happily pixilated.

Thrilling has been a rarely used adjective for Beach House’s music in the past, but the title track, Masquerade and Another Go Round are all as full throttle as they get, the sort of widescreen mix of glamour and risk which has always made it so fascinating. True, at almost 90 minutes there’s the odd lull and it’s probably better to consume Once Twice Melody chapter by chapter as has been suggested, but – even through the haze – the vision is for now at least, crystal clear.

You can read a full review here.


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