Beach House – 7 Review

Your life can go many ways depending on the number 7: fate, chance and destiny whirl around it like cosmic randomers, unseen rollers of the dice flipping our existences from red to black and back again. Victoria Le Grand and Alex Scally haven’t played down how the symmetry of their work to date links to it, seventy seven songs across the title of their latest releases’ number of albums in a career which mostly has stayed within blurry but defined margins.

This latest collection came from change though, a process where the the pressure of having to commit to songs in the compressed studio time of the past was negated by setting up at home, where former boundaries set by having to reproduce the material live were simply kicked to the kerb in favour of anything went jams.

The results speak to both difference and the same. On Dark Spring they’re lost in a tidal wave of overload and fuzz, whilst on Black Car the duo boldly address the contemporary issues of male-female dynamics in the entertainment industry.  In all, 7 feels better for its borderline losses of control, risks epitomised by Drunk In LA, the best moment on a record which should ensure that for a while yet  luck shouldn’t come into it.

You can read a full review of 7 here (A new window will open).

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