Deer Shed Festival – Sunday Photoblog

It’s not often rock n’ roll comes to Thirsk – in fact, it’s once a year. The Deer Shed festival continued to punch well above it’s weight on the Sunday of it’s 12th chapter, even though Dry Cleaning unfortunately had to pull out due to illness. Here a few phone pics to help capture the mood. (Some are better quality than others..)

Bored At My Grandma’s House

Gretel Hänlyn on the In The Dock Stage, this not great pic doesn’t do her hard rocking bass player justice..

Next, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard who were the undoubted stars of the day despite playing in the mid-afternoon heat, John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ and the wonderful Double Denim Hop going down like free cider.

As if it was a Cardiff invasion, next the The Bug Club offered up some punk power pop kick assery.

The Mysterines draw one of the main stage’s biggest crowds and opened up with their neo-classic “Life’s A Bitch (But I Like It So Much).”

A much needed pork gyro followed.

Falle Nioke’s intriguing afroclash drew a small but very enthusiastic crowd..

Whilst Dutch indie rockers Pip Blom – who named their second album after a motorway service station chain – even had time to congratulate the crowd on England having won the European Championship before kicking off a very well received set.

And that’s a wrap for another year. There’s a story about the eco-toilets though…

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